A Couplet for a Cuppa


This article caught my interest today. Imagine receiving a cup of your favorite coffee for the price of a poem. Now imagine if that was all the currency necessary to make your way through life. Paying your electrical bill with a month’s worth of poems. Shopping for groceries in exchange for a recitation. A couplet for a cuppa? Imagine telling your landlord, sorry I’ve no paper currency this month for the rent, however will you take a Dickinson poem? Car insurance due? Do you take Walt Whitman?  Gassing up your car? How about some Langston Hughes?

If you live in Moscow, Russia, there are several venues to exchange poetry for coffee, but so far, Muscovites of Idaho might be out of luck. There’s no U.S. locations charted on the map in this article, and catching a flight to London, Paris, or Moscow by World Poetry Day on the 21rst of March might be a stretch for some people’s budgets, ya think? Maybe next year…?

Please take a look at this lovely short film promoting World Poetry Day. Will there be an effigy of poetry torched near you?



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