How To Become An Effective Poet in 31 Days, Or Less By Michael Bazzett

National Poetry Month Day 8: Michael Bazzett


April 8th, 2016

How To Become An Effective Poet In 31 Days, Or Less

  1. First, slick back your hair with gasoline and slip an unlit cigarette between your pouting lips.
  2. Now, casually toy with the lighter. Remember: you are working with a snake that eats both its young and its tail.
  3. From time to time, actually touch the flame to your hair.
    This will encourage a sense of urgency.
    You may even write as if you really mean it.
  4. For a while.
  5. Persona is everything. Use 4th person whenever possible. Or narrate as a cloud. Drink warm milk & honey if you feel a storm coming on. When in doubt, rain. Use lightning sparingly.
  6. Never mistake a bone necklace for an actual spine.
  7. Keep the through-line of a poem tense. If it goes slack, reel it in to confirm you still have bait. Then, cast it out into deeper water.
  8. Encourage your stanzas to hold hands. This implies friendship, yet also allows them to discretely check for weapons. MORE

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