A Review of The Woman Who Married a Bear

the woman who married a bear cover

A very nicely written review of my book. Thank you to David Nilsen, editor and lead critic for Fourth & Sycamore.

Review of The Woman Who Married a Bear

“There is a series of ten poems spread through the book all titled “Considering Wakantanka.” Wakan Tanka is a Lakota term for divine and sacred truth, sometimes used to refer to the idea of The Great Spirit (the only concept most white Americans are familiar with from Native American religion and mythology), but more accurately indicating The Great Mystery, a term that encompasses the divine and sacred threads that run through all things. These poems are short vignettes that describe coincidences, ironies, moments of poignant emotion or meaning in the poet’s life. At first glance, these poems seem unrelated to either each other or their title. Upon reflection, though, Midge is describing a spirituality of the everyday, a way of seeing the divine in moments both mundane and monumental in our life. In one of these, she writes about trying to leave the hospital after a family member has been taken off life support, only to be stopped by a small girl who excitedly tells her their family just had a baby. In one, she movingly describes her grandfather busying himself “with the serious labor of dying,” while in another, she talks about a possible cosmic vengeance upon a lover’s ex. These poems are minor, but woven throughout the book as they are they give us a window into Midge’s spiritual and holistic view of life.” MORE



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