Five Easy Steps to Decolonize Your Cat

decolonize cat

Terese Mailhot, noted cat wrangler and social justice warrior baby whisperer, lent her distinguished expertise by creating a helpful step by step guide to decolonizing your cat. If you love your Frisky, or Cuddles, or Mr. Peebles, please take a moment to read this informative set of instructions. And remember #NineLivesMatter.

Five Easy Steps to Decolonize Your Cat, Who’s Obviously Native

Mr. Pickles has been walking in two worlds. While you can’t undo five thousand years of cat colonization, you can take a few steps in helping him fight the power.

1. Mr. Pickles was his colonizer name. You can name your cat in the language, or name him after a Native actor.

2. Now that Will Sampson has a name, you can start dismantling his internalized prejudice and self hate. Yes, he’s seen ‘The Lion King,’ but has he seen it through a decolonized lens? The whole movie is about neocolonialism and it supports hierarchy. Most of the cats played in ‘Cats’ were white. Coincidence? I think not. He’s going to start loving himself once he breaks down the racist, puritanical, patriarchal ideas on cathood.

3. Let him go back to the ways of his ancestors. He’s got the blood memory of his cat lineage. Let him follow that. If he tears up your couch, consider that civil disobedience, and a commentary on commodity fetishism.

4. Show your cat rebellious cat leaders who don’t subscribe to stereotypical cat beauty standards: Grumpy Cat or almost any Fat Positive cat in the news right now will show him he can exist in his own skin.

5. Let him fail. Staying the course to decolonization is an uneasy road. Cats are sterilized and institutionalized at alarming rates and the pain of that truth is hard to recover from. Let Will fail, and then try again.




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